Our main desire is to create a professional and fun work environment to attract the best talents.


Since 2013 we are a custom software company located in Albania.

Our main task is to find technological solutions for our customers.

It typically means building quality software for them, but while we develop, we like to experiment something new and intriguing.


Vivido Software does not assume developers and designers, but people who like to solve problems. We want only the best. We do regular training sessions to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to reach the top level.The company culture is to feed the critical spirit of everyone, the desire to learn and share, to expand their horizons.

Agile, Fun and Creative Culture

We believe in the strongest terms that the work in teams must involve and increase the curiosity and creativity of all. We are very careful to keep this spirit that allows us to attract top talents. We encourage the feedback from all the people in Vivido Software, seniors or interns, in order to continuously improve the working environment. We are very proud of our professionals, they are Vivido Software, and they are the ones who every day build a project whose goal is to create an Agile, Fun and Creative Culture.