1.         Are you working to bring home some bucks?
If you studied information technology just because the market is booming and you are bound to find a job, you are right: there are a lot of other companies looking for you!


2.         Do you focus only on 1 or 2 programming languages? One operating system? You do not like to waste time to study and look what’s new? It’s impossible that we could work together: we learn new technologies for breakfast!


3.         Do you feel lost without a dress code? Forget it! Our environment is so informal you might see barefoot people in swimsuits on those hot summer days…


4.        Do you love awaiting orders one after the other, without thinking about what you could do? Vivido Software is not for you! We all work together without pressure from above, below or anywhere.


5.         We said 5 reasons? Really? Uhm… actually… there aren’t so many good reasons not to work with us!